Football's Historic first Rule Book arrives in Manchester

17 May 2012


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The 1863 Minute Book – the original and historic transcript of The Football Association’s first ever rules and regulations – has arrived at its new home! The 1863 Minutes will be on display at the new relaunched National Football Museum for four months from its opening date on July 6 this year, before being returned to the vaults of the Football Association headquarters in London.

The 1863 Minute Book sets out the initial FA rules and regulations of the global game and most of its edicts are still in force today. This is the first time the rules have ever left the FA, and the loan to the museum will be the first time they have been on public display.  

The historic document was penned at one of the first meetings of the newly-formed Football Association, which was founded in 1863, and the 'Laws of the Game', first outlined in the Minutes, are central to the text. It was some years later, in 1882, that the International Football Association Board (IFAB) was formed, the organisation that still oversees the rules of the game today.

Kevin Moore, National Football Museum Director said: “We are delighted that the 1863 Minutes will be at the museum for our launch on 6th July."

"These are the rules that created the modern game and it’s fitting that they arrive here at around the same time as the Barclays Premier League trophy comes back to the city. They are two of football’s most iconic and important objects.”

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