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17 August 2012


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The new football season is now almost on us, and we're delighted the team from the BBC's Football Focus were able to drop in the morning before the big kick-off.

Dan Walker and the team were taking in Our Beatiful Game, the museum's immersive film that beautifully captures a month in the life of English football. It's the perfect thing for reminding yourself why football has become the national game, and why, if you're a fan, you fell in love with the game in the first place.

The nation's football fans will be treated to a glimpse of Our Beautiful Game on Football Focus, BBC1 at 12:15 on Saturday 18 August. To see the full film visit the National Football Museum. Admission to the museum, and the film, is free.

The film was made by CentreScreen, and directed by Richard Oliver, over the period of one month.

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