Museum's New Spanish Signing Unveiled

26 October 2012


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The National Football Museum was delighted to unveil their latest addition to the collection this morning - a signing from Spain who is set to be a star player. 

'Footballeur' is an 11 inch tall ceramic sculpture by Pablo Picasso, on loan to the museum for 12 months, who will take pride of place in the museum's introductory gallery.

The ceramic figurine was bought by France-based British football memorabilia collector, Mark Briere-Edney, at a high-profile auction. 

‘Footballeur’ was part of Picasso’s Madoura Collection, recently auctioned by Christie’s in London. Many of the pieces had remained untouched for decades at the Madoura Pottery studio in Vallauris in the South of France where Picasso had created them 50 years ago after moving to France from Spain.

Famed Spanish artist Pablo Picasso was known for his love of sport and, though he was born in Malaga was widely believed to favour Spanish football giants Barcelona.

Director of the National Football Museum, Kevin Moore said: “We are honoured to provide a new home for this fantastic Picasso ceramic. It’s a stunning work of art in every sense and should provide a really unique talking point for visitors to the museum.”

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