Opening Exhibitions are Scoring With Visitors

Homes of Football and Moving Into Space are a hit on Level 3


Over our first three weeks we've had a brilliant amount of visitors, and some fantastic feedback about so much of the museum. But it's the changing exhibitions on Level 3 that have really surprised and delighted many of you.

Stuart Clarke's Homes of Football exhibition, featuring 60 images picked (from his archive of 100'000 photographs taken across the world over the last 23 years) by Stuart and designer Wayne Hemingway, brilliantly captures the changing faces of football support. His pictures of neglected grounds and half-empty stadia, alongside supporters engrossed in the game, have been triggering not just nostalgia but more emotional responses from both football and photography fans.

From the landing area on Level 3, Manchester City fans in particular have been spotting themselves in Stuart's photos and videos from the final day of last season, and City's victory parade, as the bus passed the museum on its way to the Etihad stadium.

Also on Level 3, Moving Into Space features work from 10 West African contemporary artists. They use video, photography, print, paint and sculpture, but each of the artists have used football as a language to look at the wider issues affecting their countries. Two pieces in particular, Romuald Hazoumè’s Exit Ball (a giant ball made from plastic jerry cans) and Pascale Marthine Tayou's Gold Nuggets (goalposts filled with footballs, dripping in jewellery) have been stopping visitors in their tracks. With two busy, interactive floors it's been great seeing people come to Level 3 and take a bit of time to enjoy these artworks, and think about the messages behind them. 

See more images from our exhibition launch on our flickr page

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  • I loved the 'homes of football' exhibition and have become a big fan of Stuart clarke's photography . he captures the Absolute heart of the game - i can Really feeL the cold, hear the Roar and smell the burgers. A Fantastic archive of our social history.

    Thank you for giving us ths wonderful museum - there was something for everyone and a great way of showing youNger generations what fuN museums can be!

    Comment left by: Jacqui shepherd - 11 August 2012 16:37

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