Leave a legacy, help future generations learn about the game

By leaving a gift to the National Football Museum in your Will, you will help us continue to use the appeal of football to engage, inspire and educate our visitors and the communities reached by our learning team.

It is very simple to leave us, or any museum, a legacy gift. You can easily add a legacy to your existing Will using a codicil. We recommend that you consult a legal advisor or your solicitor to help you write or update your Will.

Leaving a legacy is the most personal donation an individual can make and it will make a huge difference to our work. 

International Legacy Giving Day

On 13 September 2011, a global alliance of charities came together for the first time to raise awareness of the importance of charitable legacies. To coincide with this significant step in breaking down the uncertainties or worries of legacy giving, Museums and Art Galleries across Manchester have joined forces to bring the message to people in the North West.

A joint statement has been issued by our Directors highlighting just how important legacies are to us:

"Manchester's rich cultural landscape is home to an outstanding array of nationally and internationally important museums and galleries displaying collections of the highest calibre. Our rich history is based on a thirst for knowledge, and over the years our supporters have recognised the importance and the value that museums have for everyone. In times of economic austerity financial donations are more important than ever and ensure that our work will continue to benefit current and future generations."

If you would like to talk about leaving a legacy to the National Football Museum please do not hesitate to call our development team on 0161 605 8200. 

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