10 Years in Manchester: Eileen Anderson Calendar

28 Feb 2023

As the National Football Museum celebrates 10 years in Manchester, we are telling the stories of people who have been instrumental in the museum’s success.

The latest subject of our ‘My NFM Story’ features is Eileen Anderson, headteacher at Saviour CofE Primary School in Collyhurst.

Eileen Anderson - Saviour cropped

When you first visited the National Football Museum, what were your first impressions?

The museum is well laid out and the children were instantly taken with the displays of football shirts as well as prominent trophies.  There is a lot of information which tells the story of football and many fun, interactive displays keep the children engaged.

Why do you think it is important for the country to have a national museum about football?

Football is a national sport that even if you are not an avid supporter you cannot deny the palace it holds in the nation’s heart. Manchester has a proud history of football with teams that have had major successful seasons. learning about key figures and the diverse range of these allows children everywhere to identify with football and see the positive contribution it has made to our society.

How does the National Football Museum contribute to Manchester’s arts and cultural offer?

With two of the biggest teams in the country, Manchester has  a proud history of football: being central in the city, the museum is accessible for all and celebrates the grit and determination of our Northern heritage which is encompassed across the city. The National Football Museum is geographically central and is surrounded by additional cultural sites.

lily parr gallery

What has been your favourite exhibition at the National Football Museum?

The Dick, Kerr Ladies and Lily Parr display. The museum has an excellent exhibition and the history around women’s football surprises children when they learn about it, as it goes beyond the field of sport.

What’s your favourite item on display within the museum?

The statue of Lily Parr (above).