Object of the week: Bristol Rovers Gas Girls’ shirt Calendar

27 Jan 2021

When the museum judged the Top 25 English league kits for 2020/21, in ninth place was this stunning limited-edition Bristol Rovers Women’s away shirt.

Harriet Dean, on student placement with the museum, talks about this glorious Gas Girls’ garment…

What is this shirt?

Bristol Rovers Women’s team, also known as the ‘Gas Girls’, partnered with Bristol Pride for this bold away shirt released in autumn 2020. The shirt aims to address the issues of homophobia, biphobia & transphobia with the hopes of promoting equality and diversity.

The purple strip has rainbow stripes on sleeves and a matching rainbow number on the back.

What did museum curators like about this shirt?

The shirt is so vibrant and eye-catching shirt. The museum loved everything from the Gas Girls’ club crest which features a female pirate to the link-up with Bristol Pride. This is a progressive women’s team who want to establish their own identity, independent from the men’s team.

How did Bristol Rovers Women get to partner with Pride?

It was a great fit.

Bristol Rovers Women spread the message of inclusion, diversity and community.

Bristol Pride works towards equal rights and building a self-accepting and self-affirming community through school education, consultation, and the city’s Pride Festival which attracts 40,000 visitors.

The club’s media manager, Matthew Davies, said: “We had been in discussion with Bristol Pride for a number of months and it was very clear that we all share the same community values and strive to challenge homophobia of any kind.

“To donate the front of this shirt to Bristol Pride and to be able to wear their brand is a huge honour and we’re really excited by what we’re able to achieve by working together in the future.”

Is the shirt in the museum collection?

Yes. We were delighted when the Gas Girls sent us this shirt. It is not currently on display but it has entered the museum collection to be conserved for future generations.

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