As a national museum, the National Football Museum makes an important contribution to research and scholarship, regarding our understanding of football’s role in society. In addition, the interpretations offered by the Museum, in order to be publicly accessible and appealing, must be informed by a high level of curatorial scholarship and expertise.

In partnership with the University of Central Lancashire (uclan), the Museum has established the International Football Institute (IFI).  The International Football Institute seeks to advance research on all aspects of football, and to make this research available to the widest possible audience, nationally and internationally. IFI is headed by Professor John Hughson.

A number of major IFI research projects have been completed and many others are underway, including four PhDs.  IFI has held two major international academic conferences, one in partnership with UEFA. IFI has produced over fifty major publications to date.

The Museum also engages with the other leading centres for football research in the UK, including the FIFA-approved International Centre for Sports History and Culture at De Montfort University. In addition, the Museum links closely with other leading academics at universities around the world, through the Academic Supporters Scheme.

A number of the leading academics on the history and cultural study of football have been recruited from the Academic Supporters Scheme to form an Academic Advisory Board. Headed by Professor John Hughson, this Academic Advisory Board will provide guidance to the development of the research strategy of the National Football Museum.

Link: International Football Institute

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