Key Stage 3 & Key Stage 4 at National Football Museum

Paul Cookson Football Poetry

Our popular performance poetry days with our award-winning Poet in Residence, Paul Cookson use the excitement of football to bring poetry to life. Pupils will listen to, read, sing and chant poetry as well as having the opportunity to write their own poems. Dates to be confirmed.

Maximum group size: 60 Charge: £3.50 per pupil Length of session: 1 hour

Women, Football and Society

Discover the history of women’s football from 1890s to the present day. Use a variety of historical sources and simple dramatic techniques to explore ideas around democracy, justice, rights and equality.

Maximum group size: 35 Charge: £3.50 per pupil (minimum charge £70) Length of session: 1 hour

Streetspeak Poetry Workshops

These workshops use the power and excitement of football as a vehicle to develop literacy skills. Take part in an interactive performance with one of our poets, followed by a poetry workshop using repetition, chants, simple choruses and football clichés. Children develop confidence and literacy skills using techniques such as kenning, haiku and acrostic poems.

Maximum group size: 35 Charge: £195 for half day session

Object Investigators

A mysterious trunk of objects has been donated to the Museum. Take on the role of conservator, handle the collection, identify materials, consider environmental requirements, carry out tests and interpret the objects to tell a story of its owner.

Maximum group size: 35 Charge: £3.50 per pupil (minimum charge £70) Length of session: 1 hour

Trench football

Be inspired by our war time propaganda posters and trench football games and craft your own game to test.

Maximum group size: 35 Charge: £3.50 per pupil (minimum charge £70) Length of session: 1 hour

Football and WW1

Discover incredible stories of football and war as part of our World War I exhibition, The Greater Game. Find out about the controversial decision to suspend football, see who joined the footballers battalion and understand life for women footballers on the home front. This workshop uses role play and gallery exploration to delve deeper in to the past.

Maximum group size: 35 Charge: £3.50 per pupil (minimum charge £70) Length of session: 1 hour

First Division

Football and Maths are perfect team-mates! First Division uses the unique hook of football to build confidence in numeracy. This fun interactive session is aimed at young people with low ability and confidence in maths. See website for more details or to purchase First Division resources for your school

Maximum group size: 15 Charge: £55 per session Length of session: 1 hour

Designer Balls

Investigate the history of the football and explore how and why its design has changed over the past 150 years. Learn about homemade footballs in the past and around the world today, from pigs bladder to African condom footballs. Pupils design and make their own footballs from recycled materials and then test how effective they are to determine which properties make a fantastic football.

Maximum group size: 35 Charge: £4.50 per pupil (minimum charge £90) Length of Session: 90 minutes

Good on Paper

Have a go at being a football commentator in our broadcast session. Focusing on literacy, public speaking and confidence, young people learn the techniques of sports journalism and commentary before having a go for themselves.

Maximum group size: 20 Charge: £3.50 per pupil (minimum charge £90) Length of Session: 1 hour

Football in the Modern World

Explore the impact of commercialisation and socio-cultural influences on the evolution of football in our new session, ideal for GCSE PE groups.

Maximum group size: 60 Charge: £3.50 per pupil (minimum charge £90) Length of Session: 1 hour


Self-Guided Tour With Football Plus+

Find out more about a self-guided visit to the museum, and take advantage of our special Football Plus+ rate for groups.

If you would like to make a booking to bring a group or require further information please call 0161 8718 145 to speak to our Groups and Learning Co-ordinator or email

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