Visitor Risk Assessment


This assessment has been refreshed to evaluate the risk to visitors from COVID-19 and describe measures in place to minimise the risk.

National Football Museum (NFM)
Cathedral Gardens
M4 3BG

Controls described in this document have been implemented to minimise the risk to visitors of contracting COVID-19 whilst in the Museum, following UK Government (GOV) regulations and recommendations, Health & Safety Executive (HSE) guidance and best practice within the museums sector. This assessment will be updated if significant changes are required or controls adjusted.

As of the date of this document the museum is open to the public 5 days per week Wednesday to Sunday.

The latest govt recommendations can be found here:


Guidance & the law

1.1        We will follow guidance and comply with legal requirements published by HSE and GOV taking reasonable steps to protect visitors from COVID-19 to achieve “COVID secure” status:

  • We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and shared the results with the people who work here.
  • We have cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures in line with guidance.
  • We have taken all reasonable steps to help people work from home.
  • We have taken all reasonable steps to maintain social distancing in the workplace.
  • Where people cannot maintain social distancing, we have done everything practical to manage transmission risk.

1.2        All staff and volunteers are briefed and trained in advance of working in the museum using our “COVID secure” operating procedures and updated as required.

1.3        Robust Health and Safety management procedures are in place and there is a professional, responsible culture amongst staff, volunteers and trustees.

  1. Information provision

The controls detailed in this document will be communicated to visitors as follows:

  • Pre-visit email when a ticket is sold through our website.
  • Signage in the museum explaining visiting recommendations and requirements using pictograms and easy to understand language.
  1. Do not visit if you are unwell

We strongly request that visitors do not visit if they have any symptoms of COVID19, are waiting for a PCR test result or have tested positive within the current self-isolation time frame as described in the link below. For more information please visit:

  1. Social distancing

Social distancing is a primary action to prevent transmission. We request visitors keep 1 metre apart from each other unless from the same visiting group. To enable this we have implemented the following:

  • Timed tickets to improve visitor flow and avoid over-crowding.
  • Restricted visitor numbers to avoid over-crowding.
  • Pre-purchasing of tickets on NFM website offering fast track queueing and access.
  • Queuing floor spot signs for activities and at admissions.
  • Supervision of museum spaces by our staff and volunteers and procedures in place so they can help with enquiries.
  • Children to stay with family groups and be under the supervision of parent /guardian at all times.
  • Adaptions at pinch points such as staircases to manage visitor flow.
  1. Cleanliness

5.1        Visitors are encouraged to regularly wash hands throughout their visit using our hand sanitiser stations in locations throughout the building and / or with soap and water after using our toilets.

5.2        An enhanced cleaning regime is in place. The museum is cleaned daily before opening and whilst open to the public. Higher risk areas such as toilets, interactive activities & screens and hand-rails receive additional focus and are regularly cleaned throughout the day.

5.3        All toilet facilities remain available for use.

  1. Face coverings

6.1        It is not a legal requirement for visitors to wear a face covering. However, like many              indoor public attractions and museums we are encouraging visitors to continue to wear a face covering when visiting the museum to help protect everyone.

6.2        It is not a legal requirement that face coverings are worn by retail, leisure and hospitality staff working in any indoor area. However, museum staff will continue to wear a face covering in crowded and enclosed spaces within the museum.

6.3        Till points have clear acrylic barriers between staff and visitors.

  1. Visiting in groups and / or with other households

7.1        There are no legal requirements regarding visitor group sizes for indoor attractions.              museum visitors can buy a group ticket for up to 15 people per time slot. Terms and conditions regarding group tickets can be found on our website.

7.2        For the latest arrangements for education group visits please contact the museum at

7.3        For the latest arrangements for corporate bookings please contact the museum at

  1. NHS Test and Trace

We display an NHS Test and Trace app location QR code at admissions and encourage visitors to scan it on entry. This could help contain clusters or outbreaks.

  1. COVID Vaccinations

Visitors who have been vaccinated against COVID-19, to help protect themselves and others, are still required to follow all of the guidance as described within this document.

  1. COVID tests

We do not require proof of a recent negative COVID test or vaccination to enter the museum, although we strongly encourage those with symptoms to stay away from museum, self-isolate and arrange a test (see section 3). 

  1. Building ventilation

  • We have programmed our building management system to maximise fresh air flow            through the building.

For further details or queries please contact: