Bands FC Calendar

7 September 2018 - 22 November 2018

Music and football just go together.

Timeless hits from the Beatles, Joy Division and Madness - often with adapted lyrics - still echo around the grounds. The Life of Riley and Is This Music? evoke memories of sitting down in front of the television for the Saturday night highlights. And where would we be without New Order setting the world in motion?

Now, Bands FC have found a novel way to combine the two, incorporating the world's most popular bands into the beautiful game's iconic club crests. Oasis, The Stone Roses, Wu Tang Clan, Queen, Iron Maiden, Daft Punk, Franz Ferdinand, Depeche Mode and Beastie Boys are just some of the crowd-pleasers transported into the football realm in this stunning art project.

Find out more about Bands FC via their Twitter feed: @_Bands_FC

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