Hot Prospects: Diorama Making Calendar

4 March 2024 - 4 March 2024
5:30 - 7:30pm

About this activity

Football means to us more than just the game. Your choice of where you watch a game to who you decide to watch, celebrate or commiserate with are just as important as the final score.

In this workshop, upcycling artist Hattie Kongaunruan will guide you through exploring core memories by recreating these memorable moments as dioramas, using recycled materials to build personal shrines to the football moments outside of the stadium that are most important to us.

Please note that thoroughly cleaned, upcycled household waste will be used in this activity. If you have specific allergies that may react to specific materials, please get in touch with us beforehand at


About the artist

Hathaikan Kongaunruan (she / her)

Hathaikan is a socially engaged artist and cultural producer, often working with children, young people and families in co-created ways to highlight the value of overlooked objects and everyday experience.

Based in Manchester, Hathaikan creates works by reconstructing discarded chairs and furniture into whimsical creatures reacting to their salvage from landfill. With increasing grief surrounding climate change and cost-of-living crisis, her practice is built on resourcefulness, refraining from using new or expensive materials to show the beauty in what already exists and oppose the capitalistic consumer-driven nature of our society.

Her playful approach to using everyday objects creates familiarity, allowing audiences of any age to connect to her work and inspire more people to similarly find joy in what we already have access to.

Hot Prospects creative workshops

The National Football Museum is looking to team up with young people from the Greater Manchester area, engaging with our collections and exploring the links between football and creativity via a series of free artist-led workshops.

On Monday evenings and Saturday daytimes, the museum will play host to in-person sessions, exploring how art can harness the creative power of football. You can sign up for one, or all, whatever takes your fancy!

Following on from these workshops, you will be invited to apply to Hot Prospects, our first ever youth advisory group.