Kicker Conspiracy Calendar

4 February 2016 - 4 May 2016
10am - 5pm


Photographer John Early presents a series of photographic works looking at the experiences of LGBT footballers.

Contact“In March 2013 I was asked to take a quick
photograph of the Yorkshire Terriers, a gay-friendly
football team who were attending a game
at Huddersfield Town (I am the club photographer).
I had always been aware that there were no openly
gay professional footballers but I did not really
understand why. I decided to start a long term photographic project to understand and portray the different experiences

Contact john@thelightmonkey.comof lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people
who play football.
The footballers in these images are all amateur
players who have had very different experiences of
football in the north of England. Their stories
suggest how important it is for everyone who wants
to play to be given the opportunity.
Homophobia and transphobia can have serious
effects on individuals and no one should have to
hide their identity to play the game.”

John Early, February, 2016              

Exhibition in conjunction with Pride Sports.


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