Different Class: Laurie Cunningham book launch Calendar

13 July 2019 - 13 July 2019

Author Dermot Kavanagh hosts an illustrated talk on the life of West Bromwich Albion star Laurie Cunningham.

Cunningham blazed a trail for black footballers at a time when racism was rife on the terraces and won over hostile crowds with his mercurial style. A glamorous outsider, he was also a soul boy who danced on the 1970s Soho funk scene in bespoke suits.

‘Different Class’ follows his remarkable journey from the streets of Finsbury Park to the world’s most famous football club, Real Madrid. Cunningham’s story is not just a football one, it is a story of London, youth culture and fashion too.

This talk will take place in the Pitch Gallery. Our Sporting Memories and Football Memories participants will get free admission to the museum on the day.

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