Mind Games Calendar

28 May 2022 - 12 June 2022
2:30pm - 4pm

Mind Games landscape

Test your communication and teamwork skills in the Pitch Gallery this half term with our Mind Games dribbling challenge.

All you have to do is navigate a football around a row of cones and back. Simple, right? Here's the twist: you'll be tethered to a partner via one of Mind's double jumpers. Pairs must work together, communicating frequently and assisting their teammate, in order to complete the challenge successfully.

Feeling particularly brave? You can even challenge another pair to a shootout (of sorts), racing one another against the clock or head-to-head.

The activity, designed by Mind, looks to highlight the importance of talking to teammates - be it friends or family, work colleagues or professionals - to help tackle issues around mental health and wellbeing.

You can find out more about Mind's partnership with the EFL via their On Your Side exhibition, on display in the Pitch Gallery until Wednesday 29 June.

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