Subbuteo Skills Sessions Calendar

28 January 2017 - 28 January 2017
12pm - 3pm

Before the days of FIFA, before the days of Pro Evo, ISS or Actua Soccer...before Super Soccer, Kick-Off, SWOS or even Pele's Soccer on the Atari 2600, there was only one way to play as your heroes at home: the mighty Subbuteo.

The iconic table-top football game has held a place in the hearts of football fans since it first hit the nation's living rooms in 1948. Now you can join us on Saturday afternoons to either dust off those forgotten flick-to-kick skills, or to introduce a whole new generation to the beautiful game.

No need for you to iron the pitch, superglue your centre forward back together or spend 20 minutes arguing about whose turn it is. Our pitches are all set up, and our volunteers are ready to provide everything from an introduction to advanced coaching, as well as to referee any inter-family grudge matches that may have needed settling since half your team was accidentally Hoovered up in 1986.

Drop-in between 12 and 3 on Saturday afternoons. No booking or extra fee required. Please bear with us at busy times, access is subject to availability.