Leg Shocker

Enhanced PlayStation Controller by //////////fur////

Leg Shocker is an art object and modified football shinpad which allows computer games players to experience the pain of opponent’s foul tackles for real whilst they play.

Designed with EA Sport’s FIFA 2002 and FIFA World Cup 2002 in mind (but adaptable to contemporary titles) the Leg Shocker is an early interactive artwork by German design duo //////////fur//// which uses humour to blur the line between simulation and reality.

Since 2001 The artist duo //////////fur//// (Volker Morawe and Tilman Reiff) have created multi-sensory artefacts related to the construction and social aspects of computer game culture.

Their interactive installations combine game-logic, media criticism, apparatus parody and childhood memories into engaging man-machine experiences, oftentimes altering the view on the relationship between human beings and technology.