Diego Maradona’s Argentina shirt, 1986

Shirt worn by Argentina's Diego Maradona in the 1986 World Cup quarter-final against England. In this match, Maradona scored one of the most controversial goals in World Cup history, followed by arguably one of the greatest.

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    Chapo says:

    The week after the 1986 World Cup I was just coming out for lunch in the middle of Nottingham. I worked for the City Council at the time. As I left the building I met my old school pal Steve ‘Harry’ Hodge coming in to see his father who worked there. We had a chat about the recent footballing events and then Hodgey pointed out that in a carrier bag he was holding was the most hated item in the country! I was slightly confused ( nothing new! ) but he passed me the bag and I took out the offending item. Initially it didn’t click, but when I turned it round and saw the silver no. 10 I was completely taken a back. There we were stood in the middle of Nottingham holding the shirt of one of the greatest ever players and also from one of the most infamous footballing events. Hodgey had arranged to swapped shirts with little magician before the game and obviously before the ‘hand of God!’ had materialised. Mind, let’s not forget he did score one of the greatest ever goals in the match aswell!!!!!!

      Adam Comstive says:

      Ha – great story Chapo! We understand not many of the other players were keen to speak to Diego after the match, and Steve rather grudgingly swapped. Not sure it’s still ‘the most hated item in the country’, but it certainly brings up a few memories for our visitors! Thanks for commenting.

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